Saturday, July 9, 2011

Greetings from Nowhere

This book had me from the moment our plane took off from Florida and landed in Ohio. (Yes, I finished it on that two hour and 20 minute plane ride while snacking on airplane pretzels and drinking diet coke:)  Greetings from Nowhere, by Barbara O'Connor, is a wonderful story centered around Aggie, a lady who is running the Sleepy Time Motel in the Great Smoky Mountains.  She has had only one visitor since her husband Harold died and spends her days with her cat, Ugly.  Aggie makes the decision to sell the motel and is surprised that her for sale ad is answered quickly by Clyde Dover, Willow's Dad. This event begins the journey of several unexpected characters finding their way to this motel in the middle of nowhere:
Loretta: who is on a trip with her adopted parents and they are following the charms on her mother's bracelet to remember Loretta's birth mother
Willow: whose dad is trying to buy the motel and start a new life for their family
Kirby: who is on his way to reform school when his mother's car breaks down
Each chapter is written from the point of view of a different character.  I personally fell in love with Aggie,  an older lady who is struggling with wonderful memories of the past, confronted with present decisions, and encounters relationships with all of the guests at the motel that will change her future.

Also, here is a link to a discussion guide that I found while perusing Barbara O'Connor's blog.
Teacher's Guide

Barbara O'Connor seems to be my "author of the summer".  I have read several books written by her.  All of her books have heartfelt stories with interesting characters and influential settings.

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