Monday, September 5, 2011

The Best Part of Me...

Wow!  After four years of being in the role of literacy coaching, I headed back to the "heart of it all"...the classroom!  It has been a whirlwind of not only focusing on instruction, but all of those management items that needed to be dusted off in my to do lunch count, remembering my philosophies for math instruction, how to communicate from home to school, and keeping up with all of the technology changes that have developed for classroom use over the past four years.  I have spent a lot of time searching and remembering the best part of me as a teacher...thinking about what I believe and where the evidence would be in my own classroom.

We are two weeks into the school year and Parent/Curriculum Night has come upon us, like a blink of an eye!!!!  I decided to continue the theme of self-discovery this year into an activity my students will be doing for Curriculum Night.  I am using the text, The Best Part of Me: Children talk about their bodies in pictures and words.  A photographer asked children what the best part of them was.  The children wrote (in their own handwriting) about the best part of them and each response is represented with a black and white photograph.  I found this book in the poetry section of our school library.  This book inspired discussion about our special talents, our thoughts, what others' think, and how we are special.  Each child in my room selected the "best part of them" and is writing why it is so special.  Everything from hair to feet to legs to heart to thoughts to being flexible have been brainstormed by the class.  We are going to leave this writing out at Curriculum Night and I am going to ask the guardians to write back to the students on stationary titled "The Best Part of You."  My class (and me too) have learned a lot about each other through this writing opportunity.  I am sure I will learn even more when the guardians write back!


  1. Love this idea and I have never heard of this title. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. UPDATE: After Curriculum Night last evening, I walked around the room and read some of the "Best Parts of YOU" that were written by the guardians. OH MY!!! I think I was crying by the third piece of writing. How nice to read what the parents see in their child...they know them best :)