Saturday, September 17, 2011

Feeling MOODy????

I know I have been a little lately...interims, grading, planning...oh my!  Now to when being MOODy should happen in the classroom :). I decided this year to start off with a focus in reading workshop called, "Words, Phrases, and Moods".  I wanted to put out all of the strategies, types of figurative language, and the mood/senses the author were suggesting so we could examine it all year long.  To start off the focus...I found a great website link to book trailers.  Scholastic has a section of their website with MANY book trailers called "Exploring Books".  The students and I watched several book trailers and discussed the mood the book trailer was suggesting.  Not only did the students really catch on to "mood", they were itching to write down titles to books!  I even found one student rolling his way toward our classroom library because he wanted to see if we had the book!  Double whammy...teaching mood and finding books for our "Next Stack"! :)  Their favorite trailer was the one on Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
Next week...we will be moving on to explore "mood rings"  We are going to examine a list of moods and assign a color to all of the feelings.  Our focus for jotting this week in our independent books will be to find words, phrases, or sentences that suggest a mood or appeal to one of our senses as a reader.  Then, the students will create a mood ring for their favorite jot at the end of the week.  This week it will be ok to be moody! (or to read Judy Moody) :)

PS...Wonderopolis if you are reading this...I would love a Wonder of the Day on how mood rings work!
PSS...Here is their favorite book trailer from the Scholastic website.

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