Thursday, September 22, 2011

I am a Versatile Blogger!

Thank you to A Year of Reading for recognizing me!

After accepting this honor there are some things that I am requested to do:
1. Thank the people who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog...see above :)
2.  Share 7 things about you.
3.  Pass this award along to 15 other blogs that you have discovered.

My List of 7 things about my blog:

1.  The idea of the blog came from a professional development class that I was teaching in my district using Franki Sibberson's Book, Day to Day Assessment in the Reading Workshop.  The group of teachers in that class created a bond based on reflection, conversations, and passion.  Some of the teachers requested a way to keep our "thinking" alive outside of the classroom.
2.  At the time I started the blog, I was a literacy coach for grades 3-5.  So many reflective conversations were going on in our school that I wanted a place to lay them out there.  Since "time" is something we make for the things that are most important to us...this gave my readers the time and place to reflect, spark ideas, and share books that were being used around us.
3.  Currently I am a teacher in a fourth grade classroom and I am so excited to be getting back to the "heart and soul" of the many conversations I have had over the years.
4.  The audience for this blog covers more than 10 countries!
5.  My goal is to reflect and post one time a week and my most popular post has been "Need to make a decision about reader's notebooks".
6. The use of Wonderopolis/inquiry and assessing in the Reader's Workshop are my two main areas of focus on this blog.
7.  Thank you to all of my followers!  All of you who are known and those "silent followers"...I hope that my real words about reading and wondering support you in your literacy journey!  I am also thankful for the "virtual support" that have developed from this blog, specifically Maria@Teachinginthe21century

Ahh....many of the blogs that I follow the most are already can not add 15 more.  I want to say that I concur with the list from A Year of Reading.  I will add one more...


  1. Thanks so much Tracy! I always love just listening when I hear you talk about literacy. I am so excited you have a blog now where I can read what's happening in your classroom. Your ideas, thoughts and reflections always inspire me:)

  2. This is so great because I nominated you today also-enjoy your Friday. Here is my link: