Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank you Wonderopolis!!!

How exciting!  I had posted earlier in September about, Feeling Moody.  My class was exploring the moods that an author suggests with their words and phrases.  My class connected their learning to mood rings. We assigned colors to moods and created paper mood rings to provide evidence of our thinking.  Students would color the jewel at the top and then write evidence inside the text to support the word they had chosen.  I found the idea at  Just type "mood ring" in the search box and you will find several free printables...including the paper mood ring graphic organizer that I used.

The next day a student came into the classroom and had researched everything about mood rings.  How they work, what the colors mean, and when they became a fad.  One student in the class said, "I can't believe Wonderopolis does not have one on mood rings.  They have everything!"  So...our class emailed Wonderopolis and nominated a wonder.  It appeared this past week!  And in less than two months time!  The wonder is called...How Do Mood Rings Work?  I can not wait to share it with my class tomorrow...check it out!  Thanks Wonderopolis for acting on our curiosity!

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  1. Congrats to your class-how cool is that for their learning! I am so excited for all of you :) Can't wait to share this with my class.