Sunday, January 22, 2012

And Benjamin Franklin appears again!

"Read with a pen in your hand and enter in a little book short hints of what you find that is curious or that might be useful; for this will be the best method of imprinting such particulars in your memory, where they will be ready on some future occasion to adorn and improve your conversation." -Benjamin Franklin

This quote is one of my strongest beliefs.  I think the most important words are "to adorn and improve your conversation" and that is developed through purpose.  Students should not be filling up post-its just to fill them up...students should be recording their thinking while reading in any manner (post-its, charts, etc...) for the purpose of conversation.  It is this conversation that makes the trail of thinking so important and necessary!  When the book is done, jotting notes and jotting plans should be celebrated and discussed before being tucked away as part of our reading lives.  One teacher even suggested that a reader leave one thought in a book, so when the next reader comes along they can see what someone else was thinking...great idea!

Look what I found in my daughter's bedroom this morning...a book full of thinking inspired by her first grade reading workshop! Her teacher had mentioned that they were working on writing about their thinking.  My six year old and I sat down to have a conversation about what she wrote.  Then she said, "I have an idea!  How about I read and write, and you read and write, and then we talk.  I have a lot to say!"  Sounds like a plan to me!!!!!
Book full of post-its

Using the illustration

Using the text

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