Saturday, January 28, 2012

WONDER what is next...

If you have been following my blog, you have discovered that Wonderopolis is a huge part of my inquiry workshop and classroom.  As we approach the second half of the school year, I have been thinking about the best way for my students to see Wonderopolis from a different perspective.  Students have used Wonderopolis within our inquiry workshop, as a resource for extending our curriculum, and of course...a place to act on our curiosity!  Believe or not...the idea of what to do next came as the buses rolled out on a Friday!!!!

My class has recently started to use a Discussion Board to post thoughts about our reading, book recommendations, and other components of our reading workshop.  This week we spent a lot of time posting about what we had for dinner, our favorite books this year, and facts about the First People in Ohio.  These board topics helped us to better understand how to use the Discussion Board, how to stay focused on a topic when responding, and the whole etiquette part that social media brings.  As we left for the weekend, one of the students asked if I would add any more discussion focuses for the weekend.  My response...check the board and see!  (Actually it was a response to buy more time since I had not thought of carrying it through the weekend :) As I looked around my room and saw additional research a student had done on a Wonder of the Day, it hit me!  I ran (if you know me... I didn't really run...let's say...brisk walk) to the computer.  I decided to create a Discussion Board on a Wonder of the Day and titled it "Something to Wonder About".  My description was to use the following link, see what you wonder, and post a thought about your findings.  The discussion board has been "dinging" all weekend...and it is only noon on Saturday!  Students are commenting, responding, confirming thinking, and asking more questions about the Wonder that I linked!  Since my class has been focused on "jotting while reading", I sent them to Wonder 473...Who Invented Sticky Notes?  The video is engaging and the story behind this everyday invention is interesting!

Another way for students to communicate, explore, and reflect through the weekend!

PS...Great timing Wonderopolis with Wonder 480...perfect as a resource for indoor recess!


  1. Wow this is a grand idea- can we have the link so we could follow your students journey? Love that the conversation is extended into the night and hopefully conversations around the table for dinner. Excellent post!

  2. I wish I could but our discussion board is on a private site through our district. When I mentioned the word "link"...I meant that I used that word in the directions for the kids. Our discussion board has the ability to link/embed within our posts. Promise I will keep you filled in :)

  3. And you my friend continue to amaze me.... Your thinking is truly inspiring!

  4. Remember Amy...great thinking comes from great conversations :) I love conversations and you and I have many!!!!!!