Monday, February 13, 2012

Me??? Math???

Since journeying back to a fourth grade classroom after four years of literacy coaching, teaching math again was not like riding a bike.  But...I can truly say I enjoy working with math students again!  I love the thinking and responses I have never heard before.  I love the hands-on-ness (Is that a word?)  I love that so many students can "share a brain" or at the same time share totally different thinking that leads to the same answer.  Just wanted to put out there the two resources that have kept me focused on problem solving, writing about math, and developing true understanding of concepts through exploration.  Take a look worth it!!

There is one for each grade level.

There are many in the series...division, multiplication, fractions...

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  1. Tracy, I think there is something really special that takes place during math. For those kids who see math as a challenge it is a chance to build their confidence and help them have those 'a-ha' moments. For those who enjoy it there is opportunity for them to be the expert and help their classmates. I find it to be a bonding experience each year. I am glad you are enjoying it.