Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wonder of the Weekend...

"Wonder of the Weekend" is a new saying in our classroom.  As the students pack up on Friday, they are now asking..."What are we wondering about this weekend?"  I had mentioned in a previous post, Wonder What is Next, that my class participates on a private discussion board.  I am now posting a Wonder of the Weekend that links to a specific wonder on Wonderopolis. Students can then access the link, interact with Wonderopolis and post responses/comment to peers.  I would say about a third of my class will actually "wonder over the weekend", but the interesting part is that when students return to school...the remaining 2/3 want to hop on that night because they feel that they have missed something as students share their thinking.  This one little routine in our classroom has reminded me how important it is to provide time for exploration when providing a home-school connection.  But most of all, it has reminded me how intra-dependent we have become in a world that contains "social media."  We need interaction, we need conversation, we need to be heard, and we need to know someone is listening.

Sidebar:  Came across an article titled, "There's No Such Thing as a Reading Test."  This article has become my Wonder of the Weekend!  I will leave you with one little quote to intrigue you...

"If our schools understood and acted upon the clear evidence that domain-specific content knowledge (background knowledge) is foundational to literacy, reading instruction might look very different in our children's classrooms."

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  1. I LOVE this idea! What a great way to engage students over the weekend.
    I also enjoyed reading your own "Wonder of the Weekend" article.