Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness...Word Study...Elite Eight!

I shared a few days ago my brainstorm for integrating March Madness with word study.  On Monday, each student selected their own version of the Sweet Sixteen.  Their words came from read alouds, the "My Words" section of their reader's notebooks, their word study notebooks, and also just some favorite words that they enjoy saying.  Today I presented the first challenge...the word with the greatest number of syllables.  The tiebreakers...largest number of vowels, largest number of consonants, and if you still needed a tie breaker...alphabetical order.

The best part of the lesson was the "sharing".  We had discussions about why many tie breakers involved not only the same number of syllables but also the same number of vowels (every syllable has a vowel).  We discussed when "y" is a vowel and when it is not.  Discussions also occurred on disappointment for a word being eliminated, happiness for a word staying, sharing words that were on a list that were not on your own list, and...anticipation for tomorrow's challenge!

PS...Go Buckeyes!

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  1. We do something along these lines with social studies. We think about powerful words from our lessons, and choose the word that represents America at that time. Usually the words are pretty deep-which lead to great conversations. Can't claim it's my idea, but gets us all interested in history. Thanks for sharing!