Saturday, March 31, 2012

My OLW for March...

Education is always changing.  New acronyms are always being created (IEP, DRA, RTI, OMG :).  Budgets are always discussed.  Common Core State Standards are in and individual state standards are out.  Yet through it all, I spent March listening to things that NEVER change...
1.  Stickers on a paper make everyone happier.
2.  A good lunch always puts a teacher in a good mood.
3.  Students will always love being read to.
4.  Teachers still carry bags to and from school even if they know they will not take them out of the car that night.
5.  It is cool when a meteorologist visits your school!
6. And... we still appreciate Dorothy Frayer and her colleagues at the University of Wisconsin for developing the Frayer Model back in 1969ish (Don't quote me on that one!)

I brought back the Frayer Model this month.  I did listen during my times in undergraduate classes.  I did listen when I used the Frayer Model as part of my master's project.  And now I am dusting it off and listening to it again.  The Frayer Model....remember it?  A graphic organizer that gives students a place to thoroughly understand a new word.  It gives students the opportunity to elaborate characteristics and determine what it is or is not through examples from their own knowledge.  My students have been using this organizer during word study and it never goes out of style.  It still strengthens understanding. still gives students an avenue to thoroughly examine a word that is important to them.  See I did pay attention in college! Some things never change!
A student changed her model a bit...definition, IS NOT examples, a picture and looking at syllables.

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