Thursday, March 8, 2012

WONDER meets picture book...

Have you ever had one of those days where two things come together...totally unplanned? It was as if Wonderopolis had skyped into my classroom, heard a wonder, went quickly to work, and produced #522 just for my class within 24 hours! Now that is service!

Here is a link to a booktrailer.
My class used, Cloudette, as mentor text for a mini-lesson on conflict/turning point/resolution....examining words that an author used to signal these points in a story.  Although this book was about a "small cloud that wants to do big and important things", it was the comments and word play from the "other" clouds that brought laughter to my fourth graders who are currently studying weather.  In the story, Cloudette had an idea to puff up and do something she has thought about doing for ages...letting it pour.  As we reread it during science, students were noting the parts of the water cycle, the types of precipitation, the word play with science vocabulary, and the classification of clouds. student asked..."I wonder how much rain a cloud can make."  Then...poof!  Like magic...number 522 appeared today, "How Much Rain Can a Cloud Hold?", just as we were beginning to check for our daily weather readings.

Wonderopolis has been an amazing resource during our unit on weather and weather patterns.  Here are some wonders that we have used...
#231- What does a barometer measure?
#329- Where does fog come from?
#60- Why do different states have different weather?
#471- Why do you see your breath when its cold?
#494- Why is ice slippery?
#287- Why does it hail?
Thanks Wonderopolis!

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  1. Both of these ideas are PERFECT. Talk about things coming together! We just started our unit on weather and the water cycle in fifth grade, and we will need a knew Wonder of the Week starting Monday. Thank you for sharing!