Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Merging fiction and non-fiction and...

It is that time of year when our schedule is no longer routine.  The end of the year is only a turn of the calendar page away.  And...there is a great resource to support building background knowledge to add to a reader's experience with short stories and poetry.  It is the Safari Magazines by Mondo Publishing.  Our school has been fortunate enough to purchase many of these sets to match our curriculum focuses in science and social studies.  Each magazine contains an informational article (to build background knowledge), a short story, a few poems, and a Reader's Theater.  All on the same curricular focus!  They are great for strategy groups or for interest groups.  I use these magazine as a springboard to inquiry workshop when our "busy, interrupted" schedules happen this time of year.  We can wonder and be curious with resources at our fingertips, while at the same time, merging fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and wonder!

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  1. Once again- I learn something new! I've never heard of these magazines. We use Storyworks for fiction but these sound perfect for non fiction. I will be checking out the link. THANKS!!