Sunday, April 29, 2012

Save the Date!

Once again...thank you to the Literacy Connection for hosting another thoughtful day with Chris Tovani! I am still pondering, connecting, placing...all of the thoughts about summative and formative assessments in the reading workshop model (especially when looking at annotating while reading).  So how fitting was it to see someone wearing this shirt...
Click on the t-shirt and it will take you to the creator's site.
It reminded me of how "crafty" we are as teachers.  We use day-to-day assessments, give immediate feedback and examine trails of thinking so we can adjust the course that our students need the very next day.  Plus, the t-shirt had a cute dog on it :)

SAVE THE DATE!  The Literacy Connection handed out their postcard with the outlook for next year.  With permission from Peggy, I am posting it on this blog!  Check out the keynote speaker....Donalyn Miller...can't wait!

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