Monday, May 28, 2012

My OLW for May: Summer Reading...Listening to what matters most

6 more days.  6 more days until the true test of all we have done this year will be challenged.  Students will leave, I will pack up and....who will continue reading this summer?   I feel the most important gift that we can give our students is a summer reading plan.  I am going to be spending the last 5 days of the school year (the 6th day is already jammed packed with events) listening to each one of my students.  The purpose of each conference will be reflection.  I will be "listening" to their thoughts about themselves as a reader, their feelings about our predictable structure, the books that have touched their hearts, and their goal for summer reading.  I am going to have the students write about their thinking before hand (using jots to adorn further conversations:).  I am excited to "listen" to their feelings, their thinking, and most of all to model how important reading is by needing to meet and to "listen" to each one of them during the end of the year chaos.

Here are the four questions for my "listening" conferences:
1.  What have you learned about yourself as a reader this year?
2.  Name a part of Reading Workshop (read aloud, book clubs, book partners, celebrations, jotting, Reader's Notebooks, reading graph, independent reading, mini-lesson) that impacted your reading this year.  Why was this component so special or important to you as a reader?
3.  Name a book that has impacted you as a reader this year.  Why was this book(s) so special?
4.  We need to make time for the things that are important.  Reading is important.  Think about your summer.  When do you think you will make time to read?  Where can you make time to read?  Set a summer reading goal for yourself!

 21 conferences...5 days.  I am putting this at the top of my list of important things to do this week.  At the end of each conference, I have selected a book for each individual student to place on the top of their "Summer Next Stack" list.  I can't wait to "listen" to their I know them the way I think I do?

Agenda this week:
1.  "Listening" conferences with each student.
2.  "Listening" to book trailers to support us in adding titles to our "Summer Next Stack" list.  Check out these two sites for booktrailers:  Book Trailers for Readers and Scholastic Book Trailers.  
3.  "Listening" to the blurbs on the back of books through conversations as we "re-explore" our classroom library and taking the time to write down titles that we never got to or had overlooked based on where our reading lives were at the time.

"Listening" in May is challenged by the fast pace of the end of the school year.  My wish is that every student leaves for the summer with a "Next Stack" of titles, a summer reading goal, and most of all knowing that their teacher truly "listened" to them and cares so very much!

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