Saturday, May 5, 2012

Remembering the connection...

I came across this blog post today while following some fellow "virutal" friends on Twitter.  I CAN NOT WAIT to share this with my students on Monday!!!  The blog post is by Kate Messner back in 2010.  The blog post is titled, "Real Authors Don't Plan...Or Do They? An Open Letter to Tyler."   As I read her post, it reminded me of how similar a Reader's Notebook is to a Writer's Notebook.  Remembering to make that connection and to build that bridge is one of the most important pieces to a complete reading and writing connection.  The key is not to remember the connection but to take the time to support students in bringing it back to both of their notebooks.  By connecting the two, students will see how reading develops their writing, how their writing rehearses their spelling and how their spelling furthers their reading.  Connection!  I bet after examining her examples and kid-friendly students will want to read her new book, Capture the Flag, coming out in July 2012!

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