Saturday, June 9, 2012

Top 5 Things I learned this year...#5...Common Core

So...I just completed my first year back in a fourth grade classroom after being a literacy coach for four years.  It was an amazing year!  June is going to be a reflection month for me. Ever since the last day of school, I have been reading the students' reflections, writing down my own thoughts about what went well, or what did not go so well.  I am not looking ahead.  I am looking back.  Taking time to really think about the year, my students, my instruction, and most of all, our reading community.  Here we go...

#5: "When in doubt, choose change." -Lily Leung

I don't know who Lily Leung is, but with all of the focus on the Common Core and changes to come, I think we need to choose change.  The Common Core is here.  Changes in what we have previously done are here.  Materials and resources will be new and different.  So not only am I choosing change, I am choosing to approach the new Common Core with gusto!  I look forward to the new conversations with colleagues.  I look forward to examining the new resources that our publishing companies are rushing to complete with the buzz word "Common Core".  I look forward to the opportunity to "rethink" my beliefs and the evidence of those beliefs in my classroom as I am asked to use the Common Core to guide my teaching.  Time to embrace change!

Over the past school year, I dabbled a little with the Common Core...
I featured my "myth" tub in our classroom library and used myths more than I ever have before.
I used a new resource for my writing and reading workshop.
I approached using evidence from the text with opinion writing.
I spent time thinking about rigor in math.
I found a professional book to challenge my thinking.
Looking through all of these past posts...Common Core was a big part of my first year back in the classroom.

Check out the latest Common Core app at
This is an app to manipulate the Common Core.  You can also embed it into blogs or have a sidetab on a blog.  Thanks for showing me this one!

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