Sunday, July 1, 2012

My OLW: different types of listening...

I always spend June "looking back"...reflecting on the school year, my beliefs, determining where evidence of my beliefs could have been found in my classroom, and so on.  I also started to "double dip" this June.  Along with reflecting, I know that I need to spend some time this summer with the Common Core.  I feel like a child learning to ride a bike.  I have to keep looking at it, thinking about it, reading it, and wondering about it.  The one area I decided to jump into this June was the Speaking and Listening Standards.  Why there?  Not sure.  Maybe it is because my "one little word" is listening.  Who knows!

I am still working through the Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards and realizing that this section was typically the last one I read and I am very grateful that this time around it was my first.  I started researching about types of listening.  I came across this summary of a research article on dialogic listening and a blogpost that provides a distinction between the different types of listening.  After reading them, I am beginning to think that the Speaking and Listening Standards are asking our students to "listen" at a new level and that structures will need to be put in place in our classrooms to support this new type of critical listening and conversation.

PS... I also realized that I have spent my first few weeks of summer using listening for enjoyment and appreciating life around me.

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  1. Thanks for posting OLW on listening....such a wide variety of ideas. I am also on the Common Core journey....we're traveling along the same virtual path :)