Sunday, September 30, 2012

My OLW...Listening when planning small differentiated reading groups

Every year I am looking for that perfect form, recording keeping tool, or system for planning small differentiated reading groups.  Whether it be...guided reading, strategy groups, book clubs, or individual conferences...I needed a tool that encouraged me and reminded me to LISTEN to what my students' needs were as readers.  I think I found it!  It came in the most simplistic form.

I did recopy an handwriting
was awful and I wanted to remove students' names.
My right-hand resource for planning small differentiated reading groups is the Continuum of Literacy Learning by Fountas and Pinnell.  From interactive read aloud, to writing about reading, to individual reading has it all.  I have owned and used this book for almost three years...why it took me to year two to connect the heading of the page to my planning for small groups...I will never know!  Over and over again, you see "Behaviors to NOTICE, TEACH, AND SUPPORT" written on almost every page.  It took me to January of this year to make the connection to my recording tool.  It is simple.  I write NOTICE, TEACH, SUPPORT at the top.  Then, six boxes to record student information.  I do not plan out the week.  I plan out the day.  This form encourages me at the end of each reading group to reflect and reminds me that what I notice is important.  It encourages me to respond the next day and reminds me to define my focus.  Here is how I interpret the NOTICE, TEACH, SUPPORT on my form.

NOTICE: Why am I bringing this small group together?  What do they have in common?  What did I notice today that will help me support their reading life tomorrow?

Check it out!
TEACH: What is the one thing I want them to experience?  I use the Continuum to help me and always note if it is within, beyond or about the text.

SUPPORT:  What type of media am I going to use to support their learning? Their independent reading books? A short text selected by me?  A group of short text that the students can choose from?  A book from a specific level?

Slowing down and LISTENING each day, instead of conforming to my agenda, helped me to ride their reading wave...not mine.

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  1. I am so excited that we are sticking with our OLW for the year!! This is a new book for me and I am surprised I have never heard of it. Thanks for sharing it. I always love to see teacher forms and how you use them. I often copy them and then tweak them for me. I think I will be doing this again.