Saturday, October 27, 2012

My OLW: Listening to so many different types of readers...

Our classrooms are filled with so many different types of readers.  The avid readers who enjoy reading, plan to read in the future, and enjoy being called a reader.   The dormant readers who enjoy reading, but don't make time for it or wait for you to tell them what to read.  The developing readers who are still working on their commitment to reading, their purpose for reading, and the skills/strategies needed to work through reading. matter which type of reader you are....there is one thing all of these readers have in common.  The one thing they all need.  Choice.  A time to say..."I am in!  You have my attention."

"Eyes on print time" has been quite a buzz phrase as classrooms enter into fully implementing the Common Core Standards.  In order for this time to be purposeful, meaningful, and successful...the students need a plan...a plan with choice.  A plan that is flexible and is easy to adjust and change to each type of reader.  The avid reader will chase the latest title.  The dormant reader will be searching for a series that will send a message that reading is worth the time by getting to know a character and author's structure so well that they can dive right in.  The developing reader needs permission to adjust to what they need as they find their path through instruction, opportunity, and support.  Of course with these plans, teacher will nudge their readers toward new genres, authors, and levels of text complexity.  But we can not forget to listen for the "choice" and "decisions" in their reading so that no matter which type of reader you are engaged in reading.

Here is the latest series I have been using with a reader who needed a series to say "I am in!".  Disruptive boys, monsterous teachers, and little snips of graphics mixed in to keep the events moving...Cody and Dr. Farley are characters that will bring you back for more at the Splurch Academy!

Here is a link to the whole collection at Amazon.

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  1. I am so excited that you have continued to focus on your OLW. Your opening paragraph grabbed me as a teacher you're right on target. I have some students this year that I think would enjoy these books so I will be checking out these new titles. Thanks for sharing :)