Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guess who is coming to town...

I just got the final word last week that Wonderopolis is coming to our school for an author visit!

In the spirit of instructional shifts that are occurring with the Common Core, we decided to reach out to our friends at Wonderopolis to see if they could come and support our learners with building knowledge through content-rich informational text and informational writing.  We are so excited to have a team coming to our school for, what we are calling, Wonder Wednesday!  We are so grateful to Wonderopolis for supporting us with an idea that was new for them and new for us...merging the writers in the digital media world with their real-world audience...21st Century Learning!  Wonderopolis will be sharing who writes for them (I think we have a misconception in the primary grades that a computer writes for them...not people:), how they select wonders that are nominated, how their writing process actually occurs, how they validate their facts, and so much more!  I am so excited about the partnership Wonderopolis has shown in acting on an idea and making it a reality.  Sharing pictures, moments, and ideas on this blog will be WONDERful!   Can't wait to spread the wonder!!!