Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Last One Little Word Reflection of 2012

2012.  It was a year full of wondering, learning, reflecting, changing, hurting, adjusting, and listening.

Below were my three goals for this year...the purple writing is the "now" feeling!

1.  Listen to my heart-
Listening to my heart took on a whole new meaning for me this year.  I did stick with my goal of listening to my beliefs in the classroom and being ok with slowing down before deciding if I was riding the latest education wave.  I listened to what I saw in my students and planned instruction off of what I recognized...following the students' needs.

The lesson I did not expect during this ride was listening to my heart in my personal life.  After experiencing my dad's five month struggle with cancer and now his passing, listening took on a whole new meaning.  I learned to listen to the meaning of words not said when holding someone's hand and how to listen to the true message behind acts of kindness from family and friends.    

2.  Listen to conversations-

As I moved back into a literacy coach role this school year, I was reminded once again how amazing my colleagues are.  I am so lucky to have the opportunity to listen deeply, hear viewpoints, and be a part of journeys that create aliveness and possibility in our education world.  The one common word you always hear..."students".  I was able to listen to this word over and over again and found it to be the center of all that we do, believe, and think about.

3.  Listen to reading-

From January-June...this was my obsession...making sure that the thinking and listening that was done while reading had as much value as the thinking that was done when the book is closed.  As my role changed in the school come August, so did my focus...but this obsession of WHILE reading led to so many realizations about my students and their level of engagement with a text that have impacted my beliefs forever.

What a year!  Thank you to Maria for encouraging me to post each month. So what will my one little word be for 2013????  I have it narrowed down...find out in a few days.  Happy New Year!

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  1. I super proud of both of us for sticking with our OLW and as I read you're thinking I am reminded of the lessons that we learn that are not expected. It's been an intriguing journey to stop and reflect (OLW) at the end of each month.