Thursday, January 3, 2013

WONDERful Wednesday with Wonderopolis...part two

In December, we were fortunate to have Wonderopolis come to our school for a whole day!  The vision was to spread WONDER and learn Wonderopolis' writing process for informational text.  We now know that it does not just appear each day!  Here is how the day unfolded! (Check out Erin at Nerd Herd in Third for a classroom teacher's point of view of our day!)

Sara, Donna, and Jon appeared in their flamingo t-shirts to represent the first wonder on Wonderopolis...their shirts said, "I know why flamingos are pink."   
Donna led each session of students (6 times) through Wonderopolis.  We learned about where we can find wonder in our lives, how wonders are chosen, how facts are validated, the writing process that the writer goes through (of course all of the kids are surprised when you tell them how many times the writing is checked and rechecked), how many wonders are already prepared, and how their creative team works together.

 Our kindergarten and first grade classes presented wonders that were developed from their current study using the Common Core Curriculum standards.  Then, the second and third grade classes voted for their top 2 wonders that they would like to see on Wonderopolis.  Our fourth and fifth graders each narrowed the top 2 down to one wonder that they are going to research and present to the Wonderopolis team.  A co-author team!  Our wonders should appear on Wonderopolis soon.  Our Wonder Teams will begin the research process as soon as we come back to school this year.

Above are the final two from each session...the wonders with stars are the ones that we will be researching.  What instrument will we be using during our investigation process?  Of course, we will be using the tool that Wonderopolis left behind for each of our students...a color changing pencil!  When you grip the pencil and wait five seconds, the pencils change colors right before your eyes!  Hmmmm....I WONDER how that happens!  Thank you again to Wonderopolis for a WONDERful day that opened our eyes to wonder and all the possibilities of using Wonderopolis in the classroom setting.


  1. Can I just tell you how super smart this idea is on so many levels! How exciting to build community and better than that ALL students were involved in their learning! Priceless!!

    1. It was a wonderful day! Check out a teacher's point of view of the day and preparation at: