Monday, February 4, 2013

Authors inspire poems...a day at the Reading Recovery Conference

 Today I had the privilege of attending the National Reading Recovery and K-6 Classroom Literacy Conference.  It is so exciting to see so many teachers and presenters passionate about reading.  The following authors each sent a message my way today.  As I reread my notes, I found myself catching phrases with a universal message.  As Patricia Scharer said while citing J. Patrick Lewis, "You read aloud poetry so your ears can have as much fun as your mouth!"

My first session was Jan Richardson, author of The Next Step in Guided Reading.

Support readers
understand the process
No program on the shelf
Just an appropriate lesson

analyze the instruction
analyze the reader
motivate the reader

tell them

give readers the will and thrill
not just the skill

 Next Up...Patricia Scharer from THE Ohio State University.

Texts are teachers
to experience
to find secrets
to develop understanding
to create other readers

Learning to read
a mindset

don't want to
stop working

learn something new
                                  stretching skills
                                            Throw yourself in

                                           What are your readers' mindsets?

PS...My peanut butter brownie from the North Market!
It was so good it deserved a spot!


  1. Very CREATive. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well said...and I was happy to see the brownie made it on the blog too :)

    I definitely left with a strong message to make things MEANINGFUL and RESPOND to the reader!

    So glad I got to be with you at the conference! You inspire deep thoughts too!