Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New books, a new photo, and "renewed" thinking...

Today was the final day of the Reading Recovery Conference...always good to get back to routines, but my head is spinning with new books, a new photo, and "renewed thinking".

New Books
Here are some titles that were presented...have not read them YET but plan on reading them NEXT.
Text as a teacher...
Blue Chameleon
A River of Words
Biography with a real journal
The Extrordinary Mark Twain:
 According to Susy
Words Set Me Free: The Story
of Young Frederick Douglas

New Photo
Renewed Thinking

Lucy Calkins ended the conference with a session on Opinion Writing and the Common Core.  She reminded me of two thoughts that we should keep with us as we are teaching the writer, then the writing.  My personal thoughts are in red.

1.  Kids learn to write...by writing. Students need a predictable structure in their day to write after explicit instruction (mini-lessons)...time to work on the craft and mechanics of writing.
2.  What is the promise of writing in your building?  How does the foundation my students experience this year carry over to the next year?  Students need explicit units of study on opinion/argumentative, informational, and narrative writing.


  1. That picture cracks me up! Good thinking and good photo op:)

    1. It makes me laugh too! Good thing my assistant principal is quick with snapping shots! It almost looks like I am a part of the conversation... :)