Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pinterest...bringing staff together

I am very fortunate to be able to be a part of all of the team meetings in our building...grades K-5...every week.  Teams are working on a variety of focuses...using Lucy Calkins as a springboard to planning Common Core literacy mini-lessons, examining resources we have used in the past and finding their place in the Common Core, sharing students to provide an extra intervention block, and more!  Many of the teams have been discussing possible sequences for reading and/or writing workshop mini-lessons.  While discussing this sequence, often an anchor chart, a resource list, a graphic organizer from Pinterest will appear in our conversations to support the focus of a lesson.

After having a sidebar conversation with Erin at Nerd Herd in Third (and using her technology smarts!), Erin led the way in designing a Pinterest board for our school.  (Read her blogpost, Pinterest Anyone? for more details on its structure.)

This board has been a great tool for supporting teachers at all times of the day by providing a place to bank ideas from discussions at team meetings, in the halls, in the teacher's lounge, in the bus line...wherever!  It also inspires conversations on not just trying everything, but reflecting on how this idea could turn into an idea that works with our grade level, our teaching styles, and our students.  Check out our are welcome to follow its development! And a big thanks to Erin for making it all happen!
Spotlight Literacy


  1. Love this idea!!!! Thank you for sharing it! :)

  2. Interesting! Who adds to it, is everyone an owner or are you moderating? Do they send you a link and you pin? Very interesting...I like the visual and how you have set it up. I'm thinking Spotlight Literacy TRES or what about Spotlight Math FTES? I think you are on to something here.

    1. Thanks for commenting! It has been a great start...some teachers are actively pinning and others are just following. Basically, myself and Erin at Nerd Herd in Third moderate each grade level board...these boards are for ideas that pertain to our classroom meetings. In this case, they send the links or I take them from team meetings and Erin/I pin. Our goal for these boards was to pin only the links that directly match the curriculum conversations...this will avoid "happy pinning" and keep the board more focused. The shared boards are different...this is a place where anyone interested sent us their email and we added them as permission to pin just on that board. This is where "happy pinning" occurs but stimulates great conversations about how/when/who to use the idea with. Hope I answered your questions...we have only just begun far so good! :)

    2. PS...we started with one content area to see if it would take off but...the sky is the limit with tailoring to each building! :)