Thursday, March 21, 2013

Graphic'll want to share this!

I have always believed that graphic organizers provide a visual picture of information and a roadmap to see the relationship between instruction and thinking.  Often graphic organizers are used when writing about reading so students can take a key role in processing and reorganizing thinking from a text.  The graphic organizers then serve as a map to communicate thinking visually.  Students benefit the most from pre-made  graphic organizers or generating organizers themselves when teachers have explicitly demonstrated when to use them, how to create them/use them, and why readers may need them.

I came across the following link that takes you right to many graphic organizers that you can print off:

This link reveals many graphic organizers and how to use them.  They are a link that features the text, Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency.

The graphic organizers are arranged in the following categories...

  • general concepts
  • specific genres
  • characters
  • informational text
  • text structure
  • content areas
  • vocabulary
A great resource to share with your colleagues!  And...a great resource to support writing about reading during guided reading lessons.

PS...Pre-made graphic organizers are one step...don't forget the ultimate goal is for students to process and organize their thinking on their own.  They can do it!

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  1. Thanks for the letting us know about this book. I know that in the state tests students have to complete partial graphic organizers and this would be a great tool to help students with that strategy also.