Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Word Study...March Madness Style!

Here is a popular post from last year!  This was a simple way to review many word study skills in a one week time span!

I have decided to use the typical March Madness "brackets" as the main basis to my word
study this week.  One thing you may not know...I love college basketball!  This is my favorite time of year!

There were some skills that I have been wanting to review or dig a little deeper with....so March Madness Word Study Style has been born!  The students will look through their Wonder Word notebooks, the "My Words" section of their Reader's Notebooks, look at past jots about words, think about favorite words, (I know one of my kids will pick...pumpernickel) and come up with 16 words to put to the test!  After the initial 16 words have been determined by each student, I will present a challenge each day.  The two words in the bracket will go face-to-face...and the winner will go to the next round.  I am actually writing this as I brainstorm, but as of right now...

Challenge 1:  The word with the most syllables by syllable swooping.
Challenge 2:  The word that contains the most multiple definitions in the dictionary.
Challenge 3:  I am going to give a 5 minute brainstorm...which word can generate the most new words off the word ?  For example...if it was "test"...detest, retest, testify, testy, testing, tests, testimony
Challenge 4:  Hmmm...something about context clues...or synonyms/antonyms
Challenge 5:  Each person will share the "winner" of their bracket by creating a poster of the word that includes...the word, a picture of its meaning (hand-drawn or from a magazine...like a collage), a sentence, and a list of words that can be built off of it.  We will then add them to our "Wonder Words" bulletin board.

Yay!  Fun way to celebrate words, revisit some old favorites, and to review a few skills from "their words", "their writing", and  "their reading".  Let the Madness begin.   

PS...Go Buckeyes!!!!!

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  1. I remember borrowing this idea last year and doing the same idea with Greek and Latin Roots. My first round was if your word is spelled correctly you can keep it in the madness. I was surprise how many students lost words that quickly. Thanks for the reminder.