Friday, April 19, 2013

Text set...built around wonder...

This text set (3 books and a Wonder) were developed around the concept of putting a subject's  motivation at the forefront.  Time to examine a real person's motivations, struggles, decisions, and reactions by using an event from our past.  Text sets are built around the idea of giving students time.  Time to gain a deeper understanding.  Time to use new knowledge as background knowledge the next day.  Time to ask questions.  Time to wonder.  Time to act on curiosity.

Also...check out Wonder 236...How Long is the Longest Bridge?

A historical account of the bridge from beginning to end
A text to understand the worker's point of view.
An encounter of how the march across the bridge unfolded.


  1. It's time this summer to help you connect to twitter. I tweeted out this post and so many people are learning from you. So what do you think? BTW excellent post especially with CC and reading across multiple texts.

    1. I know! :) CREATE-ing a twitter account would even help me with my OLW. I am glad people are finding the text sets helpful! Some times it is just finding the time to find the text! :)