Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My new "in-between" graphic novel...

While at the bookstore this week, my daughter was looking for a "quick read."  I asked her to define "quick read" and she said it was a book that was easy to follow, might be silly, and did not need a bookmark.  So there you have it...my future third grader's definition of a quick read.

My daughter loves books.  She loves to hear them read aloud and she chooses to read, but right now she is working through the picture book to chapter book phase.  She wants to read chapter books by herself but needs encouragement to work through a page with no pictures.  Sometimes she is frustrated to put the bookmark in so she can go back to the book the next time she reads.  Graphic novels are her "go-to" books.  She is attracted to the pictures but appreciates the numbers of pages and the humor of the series characters.

She began with the two voice style of Elephant and Piggie, but now feels that she needs more.

She then went to Babymouse.  The character and the idea of a series motivated her but she still needed support with some of the vocabulary and wanted to be more independent.

So..this week she found her new "in-between" graphic novel...Meet Bean Dog and Nugget!

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