Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reading doors move "next door"

Best advice I was given as a new teacher..."the first thing you do is meet the custodian and the school secretary, they have all the answers."  True...very true!  But someone was left off the list...the fire marshall.  In our township, we can not decorate our doors.  So...we are moving our reading doors "next door" or "next TO the door".

This is my reading door next to my real door! Can't take credit for this idea! I borrowed it from someone on Pinterest.  Don't remember who...but thank you to them!  Can't you see iRead phones popping up all over a building! 
After reading, Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller, I reached out to our school.  I encouraged them to send a message that reading was important before the first day of school even began.  I wanted them to think about not only influencing our school culture in explicit ways but in implied ways as well.  To start the school year everyone in the building was encouraged to be a reading role model and share their reading lives.  We started something similar last year but this idea would crank it up a notch.    The response to being the lead readers in our school has been mixed.  Some teachers were anxious to share their reading lives in a good way, but others were reluctant because they felt they had not read enough or had only read children's books to their own families.  I have had several conversations that being a reading role model in a school can also mean sharing your family's reading life as well.  What a wonderful role model...reading to your own children.  The buzz has been contagious and I know wheels are turning.  Excited to see what teachers come up with for open house day!

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  1. My daughter two days ago in SC showed me and told me I had to make this. Great minds I am going to use it all year with my mentor texts.