Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Simplistic View...week 3

Read, water, and three seconds...simple right?  Wow! Did three seconds teach me a lot this week!!!!

Here we go...week 3...

TEACHING: 3 seconds.  I can not even begin to describe how this enhanced my teaching this week.   I had read somewhere that if a teacher waits three or more seconds after a student response before reacting, asking questions, or moving on that there would be evident changes in the use of language, thinking, and ownership of thinking.  So I focused on the three seconds AFTER a response was given.  What I heard and noticed was amazing!  I saw students following the conversation and not looking just at me.  I heard students respond to their classmates' thoughts and not try to give the "right answer".  I heard students adjust their thinking.  I heard students ask for clarification.  What was I doing?  Facilitating and asking clarifying questions.
Those words would describe our conversations.  I even used wait time in RTI meetings this week with families. I feel that with using wait time in that avenue, the parents were more engaged in the conversation and the process of RTI felt more like a team than a report on progress.  So to amp it up this week...I am going to use the 3 second rule in wait time in all three areas... after posing a question (time to process the focus), after a response (time to process the thought shared), and after sharing an instructional point (time to process the fact/strategy given to them).  Again, nothing new to the education world...just need to get back to basics when it comes to wait time.

MIND:  Last week was...Continue to declutter my thoughts at night.  Ummm...didn't happen as I had planned.  I was hoping that drifting off into another character's world may be just what I need to shift from the hectic day to peaceful sleep.  Well, thanks to the Ohio State Buckeyes winning the National Championship (O-H...)    and actually being back at school for 5 days ( we won't count the two hour delay on Monday), every night I went to bed, my head hit the pillow and I was out!  So good that I got back the sleep I needed but not so hot for my reading life.  I am going to read more this week but that is not my focus.  This week I have found that I am going to focus on "fail to prepare, prepare to fail."  Since I have started preparing meal options for the week and sticking to them, my family eats out less, I have healthy options in the house and have healthy lunches to take to school for me.  I am currently getting ready to make my grocery list for the week.  My focus this week is to find one or two recipes that are healthy to try next week.  So this is the "prepare" part or research week for me.  If you choose to join this focus, please share a recipe that is your "go-to" healthy recipe or one that you want to try. The "simpler" the better!

BODY:  Commit to be fit on the calendar.  I have the water thing down. The only time I am craving diet coke is after a workout...wonder if there is some scientific reason why but..  I have not caved!  That is good!  Water is now a habit and I feel a difference in my skin...and my wedding band is looser...all good things! So my focus is on actually looking at the week and planning MY workouts.  I am even putting them in our family iCal so that everyone knows that this is the time I am dedicating to my physical health.  Every week is crazy on the calendar so I am looking ahead.  I can always do more but by planning it out and not going on a whim, I think I will look forward to it.  So, before writing this today I planned it out.  One session of Family Zumba with my daughter, one spin class and one TRX class all on the calendar.  I need to treat this commitment like I do doctor appointments, soccer practice, and social events.  Commit to be fit!

Reminder: The reason for the word SIMPLIFY..."I need to focus on a more simplistic view of my week.  I feel that if I find my way out of clutter I will find simplicity.  By looking at my week in a more simplistic view, I know I will infuse more happiness and energy to get "unstuck" and to put my head down at night with a clear view of the next day that is focused and meaningful."

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