Saturday, January 3, 2015

OLW: A Simplistic View

2015 is going to be all about getting back to basics.  I want to infuse happiness and my energy into
getting unstuck and out of clutter.  I feel like I have spent the past few years with a cluttered mind and on a constant wheel...a constant to-do list that will never be completed, keeping up with educational issues and needs, turning to caffeine for a false sense of energy, a calendar that dictates my day, and going to sleep at night frustrated with all of the things I did not feel I gave my attention to that day for my mind, body, and family...therefore affecting my spirit.  I have been putting my head down at night defeated. Every night I would think of how to bring more simplicity, more patience and more compassion into the next day instead of chasing noise and just being plain old tired.  But the next day comes and I find my mind cluttered again.  Cluttered by so many thoughts and tasks that I become overwhelmed, question my focus, and say that tomorrow will be better.

The big question..."How to declutter my body and mind so that I can focus and move forward instead of reflecting back?"  The answer for me...I need to focus on a more simplistic view of my week.  I feel that if I find my way out of clutter I will find simplicity.  By looking at my week in a more simplistic view, I know I will infuse more happiness and energy to get "unstuck" and to put my head down at night with a clear view of the next day that is focused and meaningful.  Three things a week.  Three things to support my mind (those thoughts that I repeatedly think about), my body (fitness, health, energy), and work (teaching, colleagues, students, work space).

I am going on a 52 week simplistic view of 2015.  Each week I will post my focus for those three areas.  Feel free to join me, suggest, encourage, adjust, or use my focuses for your week as well.

And here we go!  A more simplistic view for week 1:

Mind:  Declutter the recipe box.  Yep.  That is one thing that floats in my mind each night.  I want my family to eat healthy and cleaner.  I need to pack a lunch for the next day.  I need to plan to bring something to school or to a family event.  And if you know me personally...everything revolves around food.  The task of making healthy meals and busy schedules causes me to eat out because I am overwhelmed by it all.  So this week I am "decluttering" my recipes for my mind and body.  I have a section in my kitchen with cookbooks, printed out recipes, saved recipes on Facebook and a traditional recipe box. I am organizing this!  I am sorting out unhealthy recipes, donating cookbooks, reorganizing, etc...A girl has got to eat!  So if I can simplify this process for faster grocery lists and the family gives their say in which recipes stay in or out...I should begin to have a more simplistic view of our family's eating health.  Declutter the recipe box. (Bonus: my husband  will love that one cabinet in our house is organized)

Body:  Declutter my drinking.  I have read in several places that you should drink half your weight in ounces of water a day.  For someone that frequents the McDonald's drive thru for diet coke daily or leaves Subway with another diet coke to sip on all day, this is quite a challenge.  I have been working on detoxing myself from caffeine the past few weeks.  I am ready to quit.  I have learned that I can drink more water if I add doTerra lemon/wild orange oils or if I add a fresh cut lemon or lime to my water.  Declutter my drinking.  Drink only water and carry a water bottle with me all week.

School:  Head-up high.  This is simple.  We are going back on Monday.  My not walk by a single staff member or student without greeting them or engaging in conversation.  I am not going to put my head down with a cluttered mind and keep walking because I am so focused on my to-do list.  I am going to start the year with my head high and remembering why I moved to a literacy support support students and teachers.

There you have it!  My 3 simple things for next week...declutter the recipe box, cleanse my body with water, and say hello.   Anxious to see what I view this week.

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  1. I see you going to bed each night with a sense of accomplishment! I am going to be following along vicariously as I also have a McDonalds diet coke addiction that needs to go! (I bought myself a new glass water bottle at target….that remains unopened after a week)

    1. Today was my last diet coke. :( I have been down to one a week. I have a great use for your "new glass water bottle"...the doTerra oils have helped me add flavor to my water. They have to be used in a glass water bottle. Check it out at my link above. I had to use the peppermint oil for headaches while I cut back...applied it to my forehead and back of neck. So glad you will follow my journey! Please continue to join me, suggest, adjust and/or encourage! Teaching is quite a journey...feel it needs the best of me...plain and SIMPLE :)