Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Simplistic View (of cold and ice)...week 8

Mother Nature played havoc on my plan this week!  Subzero temps and 7 inches of snow meant only
two days of school this week!  So I thought about carrying my focus into next week but I think I am going to put my monitoring feedback to students on delay until after next week.

This week our district will be administering the PARCC assessments for the first time.  I think my focus this week is going to be: Commit to confidence.

With all of the educational drama in our state...ever changing legislation about what is or is not required in the world of assessments, social media thoughts about opting in or opting out of PARCC, questions that arrive about common core, the cry from the public and teachers to stop over testing our students, the anxiety of administering and preparing for the unknown, and the focus on what is the purpose of public education...I am committing this week to confidence since I know this experience will not change (at least for this year:).

Confidence that best practices will prevail.

Confidence that as teachers we have done the work necessary to prepare our students for any task put before them.

Confidence that the daily successes we share will triumph.

Confidence in my students...that they will try their best and that is all we can ask.

Confidence that my students will take my lead.  No matter how I feel personally about Common Core and PARCC, that my students will know how I feel about them as people and that is the feeling I want them to remember.

Commit to confidence.

And my personal focuses:
MIND: Commit to glass half full continues.  I want to be Tigger and continue to have a bounce in my step this week.  I want to assume positive intentions, practice patience, and breathe in...breathe out...feels like life keeps throwing me mental challenges. :)
BODY: Continue to commit to avoid one simple carb meal a day (simple carb: no bread, pasta, or rice).  I have really noticed how this adjustment makes me feel...especially when the meal that avoids simple carbs is the dinner meal!  Last week taco salad was my key meal.

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  1. I could have copied every confidence because I believe in everyone of them, "Confidence that as teachers we have done the work necessary to prepare our students for any task put before them." I will hold on to this one as our PARCC testing starts tomorrow too. Thanks for supportive post.