Sunday, March 1, 2015

Simplistic View...week 9

Last week our district began administering the PARCC assessments for the first time.  I had committed to confidence:

Confidence that best practices will prevail.

Confidence that as teachers we have done the work necessary to prepare our students for any task put before them.

Confidence that the daily successes we share will triumph.

Confidence in my students...that they will try their best and that is all we can ask.

Confidence that my students will take my lead.  No matter how I feel personally about Common Core and PARCC, that my students will know how I feel about them as people and that is the feeling I want them to remember.

Due to weather, our schedules are still in testing mode going into this week.  Yes, I will stay true to confidence but I am adding a twist. Committing to the moment.  Life unfolds in the present.  Unfortunately too often, we are not really in the moment.  Our minds swing from topic to topic.  We are here but our mind is there.  We are here, but our mind is way over there. Often I dwell on the past or I worry about the future but this week is going to be about the "now".  Taking that moment to breathe in, breathe out, and notice the view.  As life unfolds and throws us curves or provides us joy, I want to practice being still...soaking it all in...eyes open.

My students are more than test scores.  I want to commit to my moments with them this week.

My other focuses:
MIND:  Teaching focus and personal focus collide!  Commit to the moment.
BODY:   Commit to no sugar (kinda).  This was the first week the scale really moved and I am contributing it to water, 3 -4 workouts a week, prepping meals AND one "no simple carb" meal a day.  So time to crank it up a bit!  My friend introduced me to the "No Sugar Challenge for 7 Days".  I am not doing all of the rules but here are the ones that will work for me to ease in. If I can do this then I will add the last one...the one I omitted will be very hard for me!
1.  Do not add sugar to any drinks or foods.  No sugar of any kind!
2.  No artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Sweet and Low, Equal)
3.  No sodas or energy drinks (No drink with "sugar" listed on the label)
4.  Don't use any boxed foods (includes frozen dinners).
5. Drink lots of water (recommend 1/2 ounce for every point you weigh daily)
6.  No fast food for 7 days ( we eat Subway on the that fast food?)

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  1. I came to your writing session today at the Think Tank and am a new follower! I also love reading blogs and am glad to find another blog. Thank you for encouraging us to begin writing. I have a blog, but am always eager to post pictures, as they allow me to write less! I am excited to begin an adventure towards becoming a better writer! Thanks again!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom